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The Igbo & Yoruba’s hatred for each other is what is keeping the Fulani in power in Nigeria.

Whether they like each other or not, the Igbo and Yoruba MUST present a united south against the Fulani in order to STOP the Fulani hegemony currently consuming Nigeria.

This doesn’t mean they should necessarily like each other. However, it means they must work closely with each other, despite their differences in order to get rid of the thorn in their sides, the Fulani, their common enemy. This is their only option to mount a formidable, UNITED FRONT needed to eject the Fulani and live peacefully in their land.

Ignore this fact; you can abuse and distrust each other as much as you like, you will forever be enslaved by the Fulani, whose only purpose in life is to DOMINATE YOU, STEAL and CONTROL your RESOURCES.

How can they achieve this?

If the south truly want to free itself from Fulani domination and turn Nigeria into a peaceful country and equitable society, the following things MUST happen:

There are numerous groups currently FIGHTING to liberate their peoples from the Nigerian state. Their efforts are uncoordinated; they don’t speak with a single voice, they lack the wealth and resources needed to champion their cause. Sadly, all are ravaged by divided loyalties. No single group fighting for their freedom in totally united. IPOB, for example is opposed by many Ibos. The case of Ike Ekeremandu, Akpabio Orji Kalu, Igbo governors are Ibo men who are personally benefitting from the rut in Nigeria and untouched by their own peoples’ fight against Fulani domination and extermination in their own land.

The same scenario is played out in Yorubaland, where Fulanis are kidnapping, raping and killings Yoruba people everyday but Yoruba politicians like Osinbajo, Tinubu, Fashola, Aregbesola and other APC supporters continue to line in cloud coockoo land, defending the Fulani blindly in total disregard for the mayhem unfolding in the land.

Do the Fulanis reciprocate the loyalty the southerners hand them on a silver platter? Never. The Fulani only defend their own. The Fulani only votes for the Fulani. The Fulani want to rule over you.

In a recent interview, Babangida said he annulled the Jun 12 presidential results was because he knew Abacha could not stand a Yoruba man becoming the president. Can you imagine the fool? May he rot in Hell fire.

To be fair, the Yoruba traditional rulers have taken the initiative to meet Buhari and voiced their displeasure publicly about killer Fulanis occupation of Yoruba forests. Sadly, this isn’t enough. Buhari was the architect of the current woes in Nigeria and clearly knows what’s going on.

For how long could this situation continue? What is happening in Nigeria today is WORSE than what led to the civil war in 1967. Are Igbo and Yoruba leaders so shortsighted and forgetful that they will jepardise the long term future of their race for their own personal short term gain?

The root cause of Nigeria’s problem is the 1999 fraudulent constitution. This is the instrument that the Fulani have utilised to HIJACK the Nigerian government to give a quasi-legitimacy to their criminal act. This is what the Fulani have used to concentrate power in the hands of one person, the president. This is why they will then fight, bribe, buy votes, kill and ALWAYS rig any presidential ELECTION to make sure they’re always in power.

Are the Igbos and Yorubas too stupid because of their hatred for each other to see through this rubbish?

· Why did Atiku defect from APC to PDP for the 2019 presidential election? To ensure that there are only two Fulanis to vote for, thereby ensuring that whether Nigerians like it or not, a Fulani is bound to be president. That was exactly what happened.

Are the Igbos and Yorubas too stupid to see this because of their hatred for each other?

· Why is the INEC Chairman ALWAYS a Hausa Fulani? To rig the election for them. If that’s not the case, then let them put a well-qualified southerner in the position and let’s see what happens.

· Why are all the security chiefs ALWAYS Hausa Fulani? To keep the power of state in their hands and use it to kill the any opposition. This was why Abacha dispatched a killer squad from Aso Rock to Lagos to kill Mrs Kudirat Abiola, a fellow muslim, whose only crime was simply that her husband won the June 12, 1993 presidential election. As in the case of Buhari, when it suits them, they will withhold the power of state and allow barbaric rampaging Fulani killers to wreck havoc all over the country, instead of using the power of the state to protect the lives and property of Nigerians.

If the Fulani government disagrees, let them put well qualified Nigerians as security chiefs, none of them Fulani.

· Why is the Defence minister ALWAYS a Fulani? To keep the power of state to kill any opposition in their hands.

· Why have they retired many senior Igbo and Yoruba army officers? To prevent any possibility of a mutiny and keep power in their hands.

· Why is the Controller of Customs ALWAYS Hausa Fulani? To control and DIVERT the enormous N6 Trillion income the southern ports generate.

· Why is the majority of the policemen, soldiers and other security agencies operating in the south northerners? To show their visible presence and use the machinery of state to control and kill any southerner who dares challenge the Fulani or even have the temerity to bid for president. What is Sowore’s crime? Sowore has not committed any crime. The docile and incompetent Fulani always spring to life and become unbelievably efficient whenever it suits them to show state power and quell any form of opposition.

· Why does the Fulani government want to eat his cake and have it? Because they’re greedy, selfish, corrupt, criminal and have NO REGARD for southerners

How could a so called democratic country be governed by a constitution written by an unelected military despot?

Having achieved this, everyone can peacefully go their own way.

either get back to regional government or break the country up and everyone goes their separate ways.

In order to avoid bloodshed, the peaceful way to resolve the country’s problem is for the Igbos and Yoruba, irrespective of their political affiliation to withdraw from all participation in politics and government until

Only an insane person will carry on fighting for Nigeria as a single entity. Nigeria can NEVER be a united country under the present unitary system, no matter how much money you throw at it and for how long you stupidly and blindly cling onto it. It will spontaneously crumble one day because you cannot build a country on a faulty foundation

The founding fathers who fought for independence knew we are all culturally and racially different. That’s why they negotiated regional government right from the beginning.

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