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The Fulanis Have Hijacked Nigerian Government

To all Yorubas, Ibos and all non-Fulani Nigerians who are supporting Buhari & Atiku, think about the following. I hope you wake up from your deep slumber.

- The Fulanis have HIJACKED the Nigerian government and given their criminal act ‘legitimacy’ by writing a worthless constitution in 1999 which gave them ‘legitimate authority’ to steal Nigeria’s wealth with impunity.

- This constitution is illegal. It was written by the Fulani military junta of Abdusalami Abubakar, without any consultation of the people and imposed on Nigerians. It contravenes the rights of Nigerians and replaced the fairer FEDERAL system, agreed at independence from Britain in 1960, with an unworkable, overtly centralised UNITARY system which was only designed to favour the minority Fulani and give legitimacy to their hijack of the government.

- That constitution, as worthless as it is, is what is used to govern Nigeria today. This faulty foundation is the reason why an incompetent minority, a hopeless people, are in government in a country where nothing works and there’s an increasing breakdown of law and order. They of course, are propped up by some willing, mindless southerners; slaves who continue to fight amongst themselves to keep their oppressors oppressing them.

- This was exactly how the whites in South Africa imposed and justified the apartheid system on black people and justified it in their own eyes.

- No other ethnic group in Nigeria contributed to this worthless constitution.

- There’s no democracy in Nigeria. If you think that by voting for Buhari or Atiku, you’re voting to make a change, you’re deluded.

- The Fulanis have tricked you into thinking that this is democracy just because you’re voting.

- The Fulanis are selfish, corrupt and an uncompromising, feudal race. In their obsession to hang on to power at all costs, they have no regard for other Nigerians. The reality is that if the southerners are united, the Fulanis will always be out numbered and will never win any election.

- Under the present constitution, your PVC is a worthless piece of paper that the Fulanis are using to strengthen their stronghold on the country.

- Under the present constitution, you’re voting for the Fulanis to carry on enslaving you. Sadly, you non-Fulanis who support the Fulanis don’t even know you’re slaves. The worst type of prison is one that you’ve built for yourself in your own mind.

- Why did Atiku defect from PDP to APC? Then from APC back to PDP like a drunken, hopping kangaroo? The Fulanis planned this to trick you. Either way, the Fulani will be in power. You can carry on jumping up and down, campaigning for Buhari & Atiku, thinking you’re voting in a democracy. You’re not in a democracy.

- The election of Feb 16, 2019 is NOT an election. It is a shameful waste of money that could been better spent on infrastructure. This election, is in reality, a ‘selection’ and imposition of another Fulani president who will have un-democratic, autocratic power over Nigerians, under the biased and fraudulent UNITARY system of government, written by the Fulani for the Fulani. We all think we’re in a democracy. No, we’re not.

- Did you know that since the year 2000, twelve states in the far north have adopted sharia law? Would you like to go and live there?

- Ever wondered why Buhari has appointed Tanko, a sharia judge who never went to law school as CJN of Nigeria after removing Justice Onnoghen? Tanko has been chopping off peoples’ hands with glee in the north, happy to administer the archaic barbaric sharia law in a supposedly ‘democractic’ country.

- Under the Fulani feudal culture, you non-Fulani supporters are INFIDELS who are not equal to them and cannot rule over them.

- What do they do to infidels? They kill infidels like animals, and they’ve been killing you all over the country…and you’re still voting for them. Are you MAD?

- You cannot rule over them, yet they need your votes to get in power and dominate you. They will not allow your southern leaders to be president, yet you fight and vote for them to rule over you.

- They’re killing you but you still vote for them.

- They’re stealing your wealth from south to north and you still vote for them against your own leaders.

- Have you heard or seen any Fulani in the north campaigning and fighting for a southerner to be president? NEVER.

- This was why this barbaric people killed Chief MKO Abiola, winner of the 1993, June 12 election. He’s a Yoruba, who must not be president, in their warped mind.

- In a multi-ethnic country like Nigeria, you have a recipe for disaster if one group wants to dominate and subjugate others. This is a recipe for strife, poverty and lawlessness, which we now have in abundance in Nigeria.

- The UNITARY system of government that we have in Nigeria is not sustainable. Whether the Fulanis like it or not, whether we come together and resolve our differences amicably or not, the UNITARY system will eventually implode on itself. When it does, the Fulanis will be the greatest losers.

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